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Multiple entries can be created at the same time using the bulk upload form. To access it, click on the button with the grid icon which is next to the Create Entry button. This also expands to show the various entry format types that ICE supports: Strain, Plasmid, Part and Arabidopsis. You can only bulk upload one type of entry in the same upload. Select the entry format type you wish to upload and you will be presented with a spreadsheet like interface for entering data. Each row represents an entry and each column is an entry field. The required columns have header names with a red asterisk (*). Bulk upload supports copy and paste within the cells as well as click to drag within columns. Files can be uploaded in the Sequence or Attachments columns by clicking on the individual cell for that column, clicking on the file upload within the cell and uploading a sequence or attachment file.

Bulk upload includes an auto-save feature that ensures that information is saved as it is entered to prevent potential data loss when the user navigates away from the page. As a result, users can come back to complete entering the information at a later date or time. Bulk uploads which have not been completed can be accessed under the Drafts collection menu.

Once all data has been entered, the bulk upload can be submitted by clicking on the Submit button. This places the upload, and all associated entries, in a pending state awaiting administrator approval. Once approved, it is no longer pending and can be accessed and discovered by other users who have the right privileges to do so.