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A third alternative to entering entries in ICE is to use Bulk File upload. It is also a means to upload multiple entries at the same time but this time using a CSV file instead of the bulk file upload interface. To download a CSV file template, select the type of entries you wish to upload, click on File Upload and then Download Template. Enter the information in the CSV file you downloaded and use the same File Upload link to upload the data. The first row in the template contains the header names which represents the fields for each entry. Each row represents an entry. To associate a sequence or attachment file with each entry, add the csv file to a folder along with all the sequences and attachments to be uploaded. Enter the name of the sequence or attachment file (including the extension) on the corresponding entry row in the csv file. Create a zip of the folder and upload that instead of just the csv. If only the csv file is uploaded, any attached files will not be uploaded.